Community prayer vigil held in Valdosta

Community prayer vigil held in Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A prayer vigil was held outside the Lowndes County Judicial Complex in Valdosta Monday afternoon.

The vigil was held as an attempt to express unity among the community, but more specifically to pray for kids who have had to endure cyber bullying.

The vigil was organized by Hahira resident Tara Parker in response to, but no entirely because of, the blame that has been placed on two Lowndes High School students, particularly through social media, by family and friends of 17 year-old Kendrick Johnson for conspiring to murder Johnson.

Ever since Johnson's body was found upside down in a rolled up gym mat in the Lowndes High gym in January 2013, Johnson's family and friends have maintained that the two students had something to do with Johnson's death, even though neither student has ever been charged with anything.

"Our community's been goin' through a difficult time recently and I wanted to express what the majority of us feel, which is love and respect and appreciation for one another," Parker emphasized.

Parker said she was expecting a couple hundred people to show up for the vigil.

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