Albany murder victim's son speaks out

Albany murder victim's son speaks out
Robert Clay, Victim's Son
Robert Clay, Victim's Son

An Albany man is grieving after discovering his mother was murdered and police are now searching for the killer.

Albany police were called to the home on Lee St. to do a welfare check Friday night when they discovered the body.

"If this is what I have to come home too, to a dead mother, who's been shot to death in her own home," said Robert Clay, Victim's Son.

Robert Clay is angry after discovering his 67-year-old mother Frances Clay was killed.

Police say she was shot and killed inside her home and found a bullet hole through the front window.

"I'm pissed," said Clay.

Clay thought something was wrong after not hearing from his mother for several days.

"We noticed that the lights were still on, but this is something that had us actually bewildered and puzzled because there had been no communication with my mom for four or five days," said Clay.

Clay says he walked around the home and found a bullet hole through the window.

"I started beating on the window to see if there was any response at all after not getting any response at all, I called the police," said Clay.

Fire officials also responded, and had to force the garage door open to get inside.

"They actually breeched in there, that's when the smell hit us at the door," said Clay.

Family members are now working to put the door back together.

Clay says his mother made sure her home was secure using plated glass on her windows and bolted doors.

Clay says his mother wanted the neighborhood to be safe, and she often called city officials and complained about illegal activities nearby.

"I had to call the cops out here to pick up shells where people was shooting at each other that shot into my truck," said Clay.

Clay is seeking justice for his mother.

"I'm hoping that they catch the person that did this and if it's more than one person, I hope they catch them all," said Clay.

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