Fundraiser helps Albany teen visit father who was injured in Afghanistan

Fundraiser helps Albany teen visit father who was injured in Afghanistan

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Young Marines of Albany will host a fundraiser to help a teenage girl visit her father.

He's a soldier recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland after being shot multiple times in Afghanistan.

14-year-old Jhakeria Haynes says it's been two years too long since she's seen her father, Captain Jeremy Haynes, who was critically wounded while serving in Afghanistan.

"I didn't' get a chance to see him on Christmas or Thanksgiving," says daughter Jhakeria Haynes.

She says she still remembers when she first heard the news about her father.

"I just broke down and cried. That's all I could do," says Haynes.

Nathaniel Lowman, with the Young Marines of Albany, has known Capt. Haynes since he was 14 yearsold, and first joined their program.

He's hoping to raise enough money to buy a plane ticket for Jhakeria so she can see her dad.

"I asked him when the last time he'd seen her and he told me, and I said well maybe its time for her to make another visit, I said because that's been a long time," says Nathaniel Lowman.

Haynes is slowly recovering.

He was shot in one of his shoulders, both his legs, and his lower spinal cord, but Lowman says Haynes remains positive.

"Always motivated when I call and talk to him, matter of fact, I just called and talked to him this morning.He was in with his doctor, and like he told me, he said they told me I'll never walk again, but I'm going to prove them wrong," says Lowman.

And that motivation inspires his daughter.

"My dad, he's my hero," says Jhakeria Haynes.

And this experience has taught her some things as well.

"We used to argue, me and my dad all the time, its taught me to appreciate my dad, my parents in general," she says.

And she can't wait to tell her dad in person that, "I love him, and I'm happy to be here," she says.

The Young Marines hopes to raise about 1500 dollars.

You can contact Nathaniel Lowman at  229-669-2874 or email him at


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