Thomasville woman injured in DUI crash

Thomasville woman injured in DUI crash

A Thomasville woman is in fair condition in an Albany hospital after she was injured in a crash caused by a suspected drunk driver early Friday morning.

24-year old Jason Hutto of Doerun was charged with D-U-I and failure to yield.

Dougherty County Police say he ran a stop sign at Nelms Road and the Liberty Expressway and crashed into 25-year old Duvanne Houston's car.

Dougherty County Police Captain Thomas Jackson said "Police say they have seen a multiple crashes at this intersection.That intersection there we have an issue with it being a stop sign.  It's only controlled by a stop sign and you are having to see traffic from different directions.  You add alcohol on top of that, then you have situations occur."

Hutto was released from the Dougherty County Jail on bond.