A Worth Co. humane society needs donations

A Worth Co. humane society needs donations

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County is asking for donations.

Workers say they even though they're handling more animals, the county cut their funding.

Meet Reuben, Max, and Rebel just a few of the cute doggies up for adoption at the Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County.

It started as a fostering organization and opened as a full shelter four years ago, taking in dogs like Saben, a four-month-old German Sheppard, who just arrived.

Last year they adopted out 700 animals to loving homes, helping with the stray dog problem in Worth County.

"There was no adoption here. There was no licensing for adoption here, “said Shelly McPaul, Society President.

Society President Shelly McPaul said they also provide all animal control services for the county.

She wouldn't say how much money they get from the county, but it makes up nearly a third of their budget. With a rapidly-growing workload, they asked the county for an increase in funding.

"They were not able to do that and in fact they cut us $500 a month. So it put us behind the eight ball a little bit farther."

It costs about nine dollars a day to take care of each animal.

"We're dependent on memberships, donations, and fundraisers to keep the doors open here," said McPaul.

She said choosing to adopt an animal can change your life.

"It's the best choice you can make, when you adopt an animal you save two lives. You save the life of the animal that you take home, and you make room for another one in the shelter."

Besides monetary donations, they also need items to help with day to day operations.

"Bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels, staples of what we need to use every day."

They're also facing other issues like septic tank repairs and aging vehicles that are also draining their resources.

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