Lightning victim remembers scary night

Lightning victim remembers scary night

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As Severe Weather Preparedness week continues, Wednesday is dedicated to lightning safety awareness. Zaki Davis and John Clyde were changing a tire under a tree when a storm hit back in September. Davis says they were packing up when a bolt hit--throwing them across the yard.

"I just know, when I fell, I couldn't move my legs," said Zaki Davis.

Zaki Davis remembers a September night last year when he and a friend John Clyde were struck by lightning while changing a car tire.

"He was standing right here. My car was right here. I was at the back of my car. When it came down he flew that way, and I was back there where the back of my car is now," said Davis.

He said it's a feeling he'll never forget.

"That is the worst feeling you can ever feel in your life. Being shocked by electricity is nothing compared to being struck by lightning," said Davis.

Clyde wasn't as fortunate. He is still rehabbing in a Fitzgerald hospital--learning how to walk and talk again.

"He's doing a lot better than what he was. He's down there in the rehabilitation center trying to get better. So, it's a slow process, but we still praying for him," said Davis.

He's thankful his path to recovery hasn't been as tough. He wants this experience to serve as a warning to everyone.

"When you hear the thunder and you see the lightning, it's just... My advice to y'all is to seek cover for real," said Davis.

It's advice he follows anytime a storm darkens the sky.

"When I hear lightning and thunder, I don't even come outside no more," said Davis.

Davis says he goes to see Clyde as much as he can. He describes his progress as slow but steady.

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