Go Red For Women, join the fight

Go Red For Women, join the fight

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One out of every three women will die from heart disease or stroke every year, it's a problem that affects thousands but it is preventable.

The goal of National Wear Red Day is to bring more attention to cardiovascular health.  

The first line of defense is recognizing the signs of an heart attack and stroke, unlike men where heart attacks include gripping chest pain, women have more subtle signs of struggle.

Some symptoms include jaw stiffness, nausea, or shoulder and neck pain. Strokes may make it difficult to use your senses, such as seeing or speaking, it can even cause dizziness and weakness. Albany epidemiologist Jacqueline Jenkins says that's why it's important we take control over our eating habits and study our health history. 

She says eliminate sodium and fatty foods from our diet and replace it with clean eating, such as fruits, vegetables, and baked meals. 

"So one of the things in America in general is that we have huge portion sizes of meats and everything," Jenkins said. "So, controlling how much we put on our plate will go a long way to help us have a healthy diet and reducing our risk for heart disease,"

But it doesn't stop there, implementing exercise is very important, it can bring high blood pressure down.

Since the initiative began in 2003 nearly 90% of women have made at least one healthy behavior change that includes: becoming tobacco free, limiting alcohol, and managing existing medical conditions. 

The Dougherty County Health Department is teaming up with the Southwest Georgia Public Health District for a "Go Red For Women" luncheon Friday morning from 10 to noon. The facility is located off of 1710 South Slappey Blvd. A cooking class will also be offered for those who attend. 

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