Domestic violence calls one of the most dangerous for police

Domestic violence calls one of the most dangerous for police

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Domestic violence calls and traffic stops are among the most dangerous situations police officers face.

Dougherty County Police say they do all the training they can to prepare because there is always the possibility they may have to use deadly force during a call.

Things can become life threatening for police in an instant as they did yesterday afternoon in Douglas. Police say a man accused of shooting his wife pointed his gun at himself then at officers.

Dougherty County Police say about one third of their calls are domestic violence related, and they always try to send two officers.

"We like to afford an officer to have back up because a lot of times you go into domestic violence situations, and its just like a traffic stop, you never know what your walking into,"says Captain Tom Jackson.

The GBI is still investigating the Douglas shooting that ended with police officer Joseph Brackett shooting and killing the suspect.

Captain Tom Jackson says it's ultimately law enforcers job to protect and serve, and not to take a life, but sometimes they get put in a situation where they have no choice.

"The rational behind that being not only so we can go home to our families, but to stop someone from being injured or killed by someone who has decided that life doesn't matter to them anymore," says Jackson.

And officers sometimes rely on each other for support because only they understand the amount of stress their job involves.

"You can associate with someone and sometimes you can talk about things without actual coming out and saying them, and job can require you to have emotions of steel unfortunately," he says.

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