Parishioners say their prayers have been answered

Parishioners say their prayers have been answered
Pastor Chatmon
Pastor Chatmon
Kendell Crawford
Kendell Crawford

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - An Albany construction company will volunteer its services to rebuild a Mitchell County church building, which was destroyed by fire.

The Pastor of Beautiful Light Baptist Church says he has been praying for a miracle, and now he feels Kendell Crawford was sent to answer those prayers. Senior Pastor Reverend Rogers Chatmon said, "Our ambition is to rebuild."

Beautiful Light Baptist Church was destroyed by fire January 24th. The 140 year old church only has about a dozen active members, including Mary Marcus, who has attended all 73 years of her life.

Marcus said "Lord, I'm still hurting because this is my heart down here."

Crawford Construction owner Kendell Crawford now has stepped forward to help rebuild the church,

Crawford said "This is not a nightclub. This is the Lord's church. I think it's only proper and fitting that the community come together and help the church. Give a donation. Give some time."

Crawford said he has already talked with material suppliers and contractors, getting pledges for the materials and people needed to rebuild the burned out building. Reverend Chatmon says God is answering his prayers. "We are determined to continue to have church. And work to save souls for the Lord. First move we will have to make is demolition the building. Take it down and come back up."

Members say the church building was battered by a tornado in 1978. Now a fire consumed the building, but the members say they are confident their church will go on.

Chatmon said "One round does not determine who will win the fight."

And thanks to Crawford's help, they believe their prayers have been answered. However, they would be grateful for any donations.

Marcus said "I got faith in God and the people that it's going up."

This Sunday services will be held at Reverend Chatmon's house. He says other churches have offered the use of their buildings.

Kendell Crawford says it will take six months to a year for the church building to be rebuilt. If you would like to make a donation to their rebuilding fund, it's at the Five Star Credit Union in Camilla.

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