Viewpoint: Severe Weather Awareness Week

Viewpoint: Severe Weather Awareness Week

It's Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia.  Monday, we teamed up with Midland Weather Radios and Publix to help you stay ahead of the storm.

Hundreds of you dropped by Monday afternoon to buy a new weather alert radio.

Dozens more brought your current radios from home to get checked out to make sure they're working and are programmed to give you the warnings you need.

Meteorologists Yolanda Amadeo and Chris Zelman were there to give weather safety advice and program those radios along with volunteers from the Albany Amateur Radio Club.

We appreciate the support of everyone who helped make the event a success.  We're glad we could help provide potentially lifesaving information to those of you who came by, and we hope the rest of you will use this week to make plans to protect your families from severe weather.

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