Police examine new rolling HQ

Police examine new rolling HQ

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police inspected a large mobile command center today, hoping they will soon have one like it for use in South Georgia.

The Mobile Command Center from the Baker County Sheriff's Office in Florida was shown to city commissioners and officials Tuesday.

The $300,000 vehicle is a state of the art communications and command center, that is used jointly by 18 counties around the Jacksonville area in case of any disaster or event. Albany Police say a vehicle like this would be invaluable for South Georgia.

"It's on the SPLOST allocation. And we're hopeful that based on some review we'll get it very shortly," said APD Chief John Proctor.

"This is a fantastic way to be mobile. To deliver what they need, and then get up and go to the next area," said Lt. Chris Volz of the Baker Co., Fla. Sheriff's Office.

Volz said their mobile command center has been used recently in the search for a missing person, a natural disaster incident, and crowd control. Albany Police say if they buy a similar vehicle, it would be used by first responders in the entire region.

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