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Valdosta alcohol ordinance could be amended

John Gayle John Gayle

Valdosta was getting ready Tuesday to decide whether establishments in the city can sell beer in specialized containers known as beer growlers.

Currently, establishments are not allowed to serve beer in beer growlers.

Valdosta Mayor John Gayle said the city was trying to prepare for some businesses that have expressed interest in locating in the city and are looking at whether or not it would be legal to offer beer in growlers.

"We have some prospects that are looking at some of those opportunities, so we want to amend our alcohol ordinance to where, if those opportunities arise, then they will be legal," said Mayor Gayle.

If passed, Mayor Gayle said the city would likely set a time at the meeting for when establishments could start selling beer in growlers.

But, even if beer growlers are allowed customers would still have to take the beer off-site before consuming it.

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