Westbound Ramp open on Jefferson interchange, Liberty Bypass

Westbound Ramp open on Jefferson interchange, Liberty Bypass

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A new westbound on-ramp for the Liberty Bypass at the Jefferson Street interchange is open to traffic.

Georgia Department of Transportation officials confirmed the opening with project engineers Tuesday afternoon.

"If you're not familiar with the area, then you're not going to know how to get in here," said Teresa Gresham, Director of Childcare Network.

She said she's not sure how the new traffic changes at the Jefferson Interchange, Liberty Bypass will pan out.

Now that the first phase of the project is complete, the old loop ramp will be shut down later Tuesday. Traffic will be shifted to new asphalt on the right and a concrete median will be built on Jefferson street. The exit ramp from the bypass is still not yet complete.

These adjustments have blocked traffic from turning onto Telfair Avenue, and businesses like Childcare Network that are in the area. To access them, drivers will now have to take Philema Road and other backways to get in. Gresham says parents have already expressed some concern but they'll be doing what they can to adjust to the changes."We'll be talking to each of them individually and trying to put out a letter of how to route them back into the center. "

GDOT officials though say most of the feedback they've heard is excitement. "As soon as the contractor put up the message boards, we started getting phone calls from people who were just very excited," said Nita Birmingham, with GDOT.

Once all stages are complete, they believe the 4-legged intersection is expected to be easier and safer to drive.

"It will reduce congestion in the area, reduce accidents if we can and just move traffic more efficiently," added Birmingham.

GDOT officials say the whole project is now about 62 percent complete and that it's ahead of schedule. It should be finished by the end of this year.

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