Ahead of the Storm: WALB helps viewers with weather radios

Ahead of the Storm: WALB helps viewers with weather radios

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Remember the twister that popped up in Tift County a month ago?

It shows the power even a weak tornado can have.

Video from Brookfield Baptist Church in Tift County caught the storm as it was hit by a tornado during a morning worship service.

WALB News 10 is working to help protect you from that kind of dangerous storm. Ben Roberts is live at the Lee County Publix for our 'Stay Ahead of the Storm' event.

Seven years ago, a powerful EF-3 tornado roared through downtown Americus. Two people were killed and the Americus hospital took a direct hit.

It was a terrifying event that prompted Americus and Sumter County to make severe weather awareness an even bigger priority.

The county now has a new outdoor warning system that features 18 sirens to warn people of approaching severe weather.

There are also two tornado "safe" rooms where people can take shelter in bad weather.

"It proves Tornadoes can strike anywhere," said WALB Meteorologist Yolanda Amadeo. "They don't just hit in fields in the country."

That tornado was especially dangerous because it went right through the heart of a populated area.

We're working with Midland Weather Radios and Publix to help you prepare for severe weather.

The radios are bi-lingual and that makes it possible for those in the Hispanic community to get up to the minute details on severe weather.

Sometimes there's nothing better than a weather radio for saving lives during severe weather.

If you've got a weather radio, come on out and volunteers will help make sure it's programmed properly.

If you need a new weather radio. We've got plenty to sell; batteries too….

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