IRS encourages electronic filing

IRS encourages electronic filing

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's the time of the year where many of you are preparing to file your taxes and officials with the Internal Revenue Service want to make sure you get your refunds on time.

Officials said if you haven't received your W-2's yet. To contact your employer and make sure it has the correct address on it. You can file your returns either through paper or electronic filing, but officials say filing them electronically is quicker.

" I encourage you to go electronic filing, it's fast, it's safe, it's accurate, but most importantly you can expect to receive your refund in little less than 21 days. Paper returns unfortunately we see a lot of errors and this year we're looking at eight weeks before the refund could come back to you," Mark Green, I.R.S. Spokesperson.

The IRS offers a free electronic filing service called " Free File" which also offers information about the Affordable Care Act.

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