Police asking store owners to step up security

Police asking store owners to step up security

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Cordele Police are trying to track down gunmen responsible for multiple armed robberies recently, one that ended in gunfire. Now, they're asking businesses to increase security.

The O'Reilly Auto Parts was the latest target Wednesday night. Unfortunately the store doesn't have a surveillance system. Cordele Police encourage businesses to install cameras inside and outside

Three's Company is one of many businesses along the main drag in Cordele, and recent violent robberies in town have them on their toes.

"It concerns me for myself as well as my employees," said store owner Lisa Fallow.

That's why she now has cameras located in places every customer must pass.

"Our cameras are located at the entrance of our store, over our cash register, over our jewelry. We've got them positioned throughout the whole store," said Fallow.

But robberies where the person is completely covered up and leaves no evidence make investigators' jobs tough.

"Suspects enter, face covered, hands covered. All dark clothing and it doesn't leave us much to go on," said Sgt. jeremy Taylor with the Cordele Police Department.

That's why police are asking stores to step up security--adding cameras to the outside of their store, on the back corners, and even capturing alley ways between buildings.

"If you cover those with cameras we could possibly get them prior to them covering their faces or vehicles that they're driving or methods of escape," said Sgt. Taylor.

The police are also stepping up their security. Teaming up with the sheriff's office to get more officers and deputies out on the streets, hopefully catching a robbery in the act.

"A lot of this is just being in the right place at the right time and if we increase our numbers, that increases our chances of doing that," said Sgt. Taylor.

And that's something all employees around town will appreciate.

Sgt. Taylor says all of these robbers follow the same MO, but no specific connection has been made between all of the robberies. In this case at O'Reilly, they believe the men ran through the buildings and jumped in a get away car.

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