Three burglary arrests in Lee County

Three burglary arrests in Lee County

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County investigators have burglary suspects in custody.

Lee County Sheriff's deputies arrested 20-year-old Rufus Jones and 21-year-old Octavious Smith today on two counts of burglary.

Jontavius Walls surrendered to authorities late Friday.

Surveillance footage of a car linked the three suspects to the crimes. Authorities also recovered two rifles, a laptop and headphones from an Americus pawn shop.

"The rest of the property has allegedly according to the offenders, been sold on the streets," said Investigator Matt Pearce of the Lee Co. Sheriff's Office. "So we're actually asking if anybody bought any items from these individuals over the last couple of weeks if they could come forward. They wouldn't be looking at any charges or anything. We just would really like the property back to the rightful owners."

Lee County investigators believe the three are linked to about half a dozen burglaries. Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith says they also face burglary charges in his county.

Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith says the three will face burglar charges in his county.

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