Woman robbed going to bible study at South Albany church

Woman robbed going to bible study at South Albany church

Albany police are looking for a gunman who robbed a woman going into her South Albany church.

62-year old Grace Robinson says she won't let a thug keep her from attending church.

Grace Robinson spent  Thursday getting replacement driver's license and bank cards, after losing hers in the robbery.

She parked at the Words of Restoration Church in the 500 block of South Monroe about 7:30 p.m.for Wednesday night Bible study.  She was just feet from the door, when she was jumped by the gunman.

Robinson said "I heard him say drop your pocketbook. Drop your pocketbook.  And the next thing I know he was in my face with a gun like that, in my face like that. Yelling drop your pocketbook.  And he took my pocketbook from me and ran into the alley."

"I just going to let him know that he didn't have to do that," said Robinson.  Is other ways that you can earn alivingg besides trying to hold somebody up. Trying to kill somebody"

Robinson and her pastor rode around looking for the gunman, but he got away.  She says church leaders have already started work to put more security outside the church to protect the members.     

Robinson described the armed robber as a dark skinned black man, about 5- foot-5 to 5-7, and very skinny, wearing a black jacket with an orange hoodie over his face.

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