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HGTV Casting Call

Sheila Conlin Sheila Conlin
Thomasville Casting Call Thomasville Casting Call
Casting Call for HGTV Casting Call for HGTV

HG TV is coming to Thomasville and they are looking for some small town residents for a new show

Saving America wants folks who are moving back to a small town or moving to a small town from a big city for the first time.

They want to find folks with a story and wanting to renovate a unique home with a little help from Brian and Rachelle Lazzaro.

The California couple has given up their entertainment jobs to save America one home at a time.

HGTV is asking folks to fill out a questionnaire on line and send photos and a video.

“Why they want to renovate, what rooms they want to renovate and reason behind why they're living in a small town. What brought them there, what brought them back there. And we want to make it unique and personalized..”

The deadline to apply is February 9th. They plan to start shooting in mid February or March.

For more information you can visit or go to

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