Woman says electric bill higher than mortgage payment

Woman says electric bill higher than mortgage payment
Connie Young
Connie Young
John Paul Hasick
John Paul Hasick

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - With colder temperatures come higher electricity bills.

But one woman says her bill is so high, it's more than her mortgage payment.

Connie Young  works two jobs. She says it's the only way she can afford her high electricity bills.

Young said, “Especially when these bills are more than your house mortgage.”

She said her bill has increased from around $500 to nearly $900 this month.  And she says she's not alone.

“I choose to be the voice that speaks out for everyone,” said Young.

She said her neighbors are also experiencing sky high bills.

The City of Cairo Utilities wouldn't comment on this particular issue, but Young said they told her the increase may have to do with her location.

“We've been told that we are on the same system with downtown and local businesses, and grocery stores, and department stores.  And being that we are on that same circuit, we pay a little bit more,” she said.

Young said the city refers customers who can't afford their bills to nonprofit organizations and churches.

But they have limited resources.

Associational Missionary John Paul Hasick with the Grady Baptist Association said, “People in South Georgia, people in Georgia, people in America in general are generous.  But there's just not enough to go around. The needs are overwhelming.”

Groups in town have had to turn down families because of a lack of donations and federal funding.

Hasick said, “That money runs out rapidly.  And they have a committee of folks who have to choose who they may help.  And that's a difficult process.”

Young said she's not trying to spark a dispute with the city.

She hopes more people will voice their concerns to stimulate ideas for a solution.

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