Blood donations dip, demand high

Blood donations dip, demand high
Kathy Johnson, donor
Kathy Johnson, donor

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It takes only 30 minutes to change someone's life.

"Red Cross has been celebrating National Donors Month in January since 1970."

The goal is to increase donations during the winter months when supply is significantly low, people catching the flu prevents them from donating, crippling their stock.

Albany Red Cross team supervisor, Leana Thomas, says it's crucial that they have blood on hand at all times especially for trauma victims.

"There's no replacement for blood or platelets there's no substitute for it has to be replenished constantly, " Thomas said.

That's why Kathy Johnson donates her platelets every two weeks.

"And I do my best to do it that often," Johnson shared.

She feels it's an act of kindness more people should take part in.

"Because it's not any more painful than donating whole blood and its serves a good purpose."

"This is a key component of blood and it's needed for people who are going through chemo radiation treatment for cancer they need that and has to be on hand."

Red cross volunteers believe it's all about giving back.

According to the American Red Cross every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.  And one pint can save up to three lives, for Johnson it's worth the time.

"Not everyone can donate platelets, I know I can and I enjoy it"

30 minutes sitting in a donor chair can save a life somewhere else.

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