Chehaw has new chameleon exhibit

Chehaw has new chameleon exhibit

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Chehaw's Wild Animal Park has a growing chameleon population.

Almost a year ago.,Chehaw took in seven chameleons native to Madagascar that were confiscated by the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service.

No other zoo in the country has chameleons quite like this.

Chehaw started a breeding program.

Seventeen chameleons have hatched since November.

"They're beautiful their moods determine their color. They don't actually change color to their backgrounds like a lot of people think. It's all about their mood. If they feel like breeding, if they want to be left alone, if they're too cold, if they're hungry you can tell all of that by their coloration," said Samantha Sassone, Lead Keeper.

Zookeepers are now waiting for more than 20-eggs to hatch.

You can see some of the animals at a new chameleon exhibit at Chehaw's reptile house.

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