Residents concerned by beaver dam explosions

Residents concerned by beaver dam explosions

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's a question we get fairly often.

People hear loud booms in their neighborhoods and want to know what they are coming from.

It happened again Wednesday.

Investigators often say those booms are landowners blowing up beaver dams. That is the explanation residents near the Dougherty-Lee County line in the Callaway Lakes area got Wednesday.

"It's a quiet neighborhood, you don't hear things like that so that's why it's unusual," said Nancy Lawrence

The unusual sound Nancy Lawrence is referring to is loud explosions.

" It seemed to be coming back this direction," said Nancy Lawrence

People near Callaway Lakes heard the booms this morning. Lawrence says she didn't hear the sounds Wednesday, but heard them a few weeks ago.

"It sounded like a loud explosion like a very powerful firework. I just heard one at a time," said Lawrence.

Another resident told us four explosions rattled her home and startled her animals this morning. She checked with a nearby Lee County Fire Station. They talked to law enforcers who said they had been notified that property owners were using explosives to get rid of beaver dams.

The Natural resource manager at Chehaw said beavers are active year-round in south Georgia.

" Beaver will build their dams to flood areas because they feel safe and comfortable in deeper waterm" Ben Kirkland, Natural Resource Manager

That can cause damaging flooding which is why many landowners blow up the dams.

" But what they need to understand is very seldom does blowing up the dam make the beavers move. If they like the dam if they like that location and like where that dam is, chances are within a weeks time they'll probably just build the dam back," said Ben Kirkland

"I'm glad to know what it is., "said Nancy Lawrence.

Lawrence now wishes those who blow up a dam would notify residents in the area beforehand.

"you know a paper in your paperbox or on the flag of your mailbox. Just to know what it was, that would've been nice," said Nancy Lawrence.

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