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State budget could impact school employees healthcare coverage

Ken Dyer Ken Dyer
Dougherty County school officials are concerned they could lose workers if the governors budget is approved.

The proposed budget would do away with health insurance coverage for non-certified school employees who work less than 30 hours a week.

52 workers in the school system would fall into this category, 46 are bus drivers. School officials are worried that if nothing changes and the budget is passed they would lose these valuable employees.

"A lot of those workers are working for the benefits and not necessarily for the pay. The pay is not very much. And we're concerned. If we lost bus drivers because of that, it would be a significant blow," said Ken Dyer, the DCSS Financial Director.

"I recognize the struggle the Governor's in with the budget that he's got to meet, because we deal with budgets here. On the other hand, these bus drivers and our school cafeteria workers and other support people are some of the most underpaid, but just as valuable to the organization as any other employee. We couldn't have school without them," explained Dr. David Mosely, the DCSS Superintendent.

School officials are hopeful an alternative method will be worked out. 

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