State shocked by senseless murders

State shocked by senseless murders
Sheriff Steverson
Sheriff Steverson

McRae, GA (WALB) - A Telfair County man is charged with murdering a Cobb County couple who posted a Craigslist ad, looking a classic car. Investigators confirmed two bodies found on Monday were Bud and June Runion, who died from gunshot wounds to their heads.

Tuesday afternoon, Jay Towns made his first appearance before a judge on charges that now include murder and armed robbery.

The crime scene tape still blocks off a wooded area in Telfair County as investigators try to piece together what exactly happened to Bud and June Runion.

"Our team of investigators are scouring the information for clues as to the Runions last moments in Telfair County. We are very careful and thorough," said Sheriff Chris Steverson.

Bud and June Runion went missing after driving from Marietta to McRae, to check out a 1966 Mustang that Towns supposedly said he had.

Investigators found their vehicle submerged in water and two bodies nearby Monday.

"We have the Runion vehicle, we have two bodies. Now we can focus on building a case," Steverson said.

That case is against 28-year-old Jay Towns who was taken into custody Monday on charges of making false statements to investigators and for criminal attempt to commit theft by deception. Late today, he was charged with murder and robbery.

"Whenever we go to court we want to have a rock solid case and that's what we're building. We have the best resources available and we're using them."

Sheriff Steverson says this small community is both saddened and angered by this crime.

"To know that someone from this community maybe involved in orchestrating such a heinous crime, it angers me," Sheriff Steverson said. I take it personal. And I just promise the citizens of this county, as well as the Runion family that the person responsible for this crime will be brought to justice."

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