Operation Identification offers free engraving for crime prevention

Operation Identification offers free engraving for crime prevention

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Burglaries and thefts continue to be serious crime problems in Albany.

Saturday January 24th Albany Police will host an event to cut down on those crimes and help victims.

Operation Identification is a free engraving program.  Albany Police urge you to engrave and register your new electronics, which crooks are targeting.

Albany Police will use engraving tools like this tomorrow and next month for crime prevention, and help victims get their property back.

Because if you are a burglary victim, you have to be able to prove that item is yours in case it's recovered.

Corporal Brian Covington said "If you've lost a 55 inch television, of course there are hundreds of the same models that look all alike.  And it's hard to distinguish the two."

Police urge you to record and store your serial numbers of your valuables, but engraving  them is even better.

Covington said "Of course we encourage people to donate their serial numbers, but we're taking it a step further, and saying you can also put on a number that you can remember."

Saturday Albany Police will engrave identifying marks on your property, and register that information in case of a theft recovery, so you can get it back.

Covington said "We will keep those numbers in our data base, so in the event something happens, we will be able to go back and say numbers 1-2-3-4 belongs to Mr. or Mrs. Whomever."

Operation Identification is open to anyone.  Bring any of your property you can carry into the Law Enforcement center at 201 West Oglethorpe Boulevard tomorrow from 10 to 3.  It's free, as Albany Police want to help protect against thefts.

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