Officer shoots pit bull after dog attacks fellow officer

Officer shoots pit bull after dog attacks fellow officer
Chief Eric Miller
Chief Eric Miller
Elvis Arnwine
Elvis Arnwine

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A Bainbridge Public Safety Officer is back on duty after being bitten by a pit bull on Wednesday.

Officers shot the dog after they said it charged them while they stood by to monitor an eviction.

The new owner of the home, Elvis Arnwine, said after seven years of paying taxes on this home, he's finally able to live in it.

But he wanted to make sure the woman who has been living in the home was out.

So he called Bainbridge Public Safety officers Wednesday.

Arnwine said, “They went and knocked on the front door and said, 'Put your dogs away.'”

Arnwine said the woman had three fully grown pit bulls and 16 puppies living in the home.

Officers said the woman told them all of her dogs were restrained.

“The officer then lifted the garage door up. And as he lifted the door up, the pit bull charged him,” Arnwine said.

He said the dog knocked the officer down to the ground.

Luckily he had backup.

Arnwine said, “The other officer took out the gun. Bam, bam, bam, bam! And then the dog ran across the street.”

Officers said the dog ran across the road into Lake Douglas, leaving behind a trail of blood.

Chief Eric Miller with Bainbridge Public Safety said, “We located the dog the next morning.  The dog was suffering.  It was clear the dog was not going to survive its injuries.”

Officers then euthanized the dog, and sent him to Tifton, where he's undergoing tests to check for rabies.

Chief Miller said the officers acted according to protocol.

“The officer was attacked.  Whether it's by a dog or an individual, the officer and/or other officers have the right to protect citizens and themselves when attacked,” said Chief Miller.

Chief Miller said the puppies were given to a family, and the two adult dogs were taken to the Humane Society.

They're still investigating whether charges will be filed.

Arnwine said he's thankful the officers were there.

He said, "If I would have knocked on that door, that dog probably would've torn me up.  And nobody would have been here to protect me.  So I'm fortunate the cops were here."

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