Provost Academy, Dougherty County look to grow charter schools

Provost Academy, Dougherty County look to grow charter schools

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Students filled out applications on Thursday night at the Graduation Achievement Center's new Albany location, hoping for help to earn a diploma.

"Typically, we serve students that are over age, but under-credited,  giving those students a second chance to come back and receive an education in a top notch environment," Provost Leadership and Operations Officer Jonathan Woods said.

The Academy is not like most charter schools.

"We offer students that have previously dropped out of their local high school a second option at coming back, just to obtain their high school diploma," Woods said.

Woods says the program offers the same educational tools of a classroom, using on-site and online learning to take pressure off the students, who might be nervous about classes they're taking.

"You could have one student that's working on their 9th grade biology. You can also have another student that's working on their 12th grade British lit. So, you never know what's in the classroom with blended learning."

Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. David Mosely says the system is interested in investing in traditional charter schools that have more autonomy and flexibility than regular public schools.

"They can do things on their own with a lot of flexibility from the state rules and regulations," Mosely said. "And, a principal. An innovative principal and a staff and a group of parents can design a program for their school that will, be accepted."

Regardless of the path students take, Woods just wants more students to succeed.

"We're not in competition with any learning institution," Woods said. "Any option that you give to a student to receive a high school diploma, quite frankly, is an option that's needed."

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