Lowndes teen archer receiving national recognition

Lowndes teen archer receiving national recognition
Thadrick Heany, Jr.
Thadrick Heany, Jr.

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Shooting a compound bow is something Thadrick Heany, Jr. has gotten pretty good at...okay really good at, since he began shooting for the Lowndes County 4-H team in 2012.

"Once I started, I really enjoyed it and I've been enjoyin' it for as long as I've been doin' it," Heany, Jr. said.

In the Summer of 2014, he also became a member of the Georgia archery team after being invited by a friend to compete in a Georgia archery team fundraising event.

He then went to several national competitions in order to be able to apply for the first-ever junior compound dream team. "This team is to take the youth from 13 to about 17 and get them ready to compete," Heany, Jr. explained.

Specifically, compete on the international level, as the U.S. is not as strong as other countries when it comes to competitive compound bow shooting.

But before Heany, Jr. was officially accepted to the team, he had to be invited to participate in a five day camp at the Olympic archery training facility in California with dozens of other hopeful teens.

Heany, Jr.'s father, Thad Heany, said he is extremely proud of his son's accomplishments. "Even if it didn't go anywhere, just an invite out [to the camp] is somethin' to be extremely proud of," Heany said.

30 teens ultimately made the team. Thadrick hoped being one of those would help him continue to improve and eventually reach the Olympics. "Even though the compound's not in the Olympics right now," Thadrick pointed out, " I still need to keep training because there are the world championships which happen every year."

A target he was confident he could hit.

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