Community rallies for family who lost son

Community rallies for family who lost son
Katrina Phillips
Katrina Phillips

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - Folks in Mitchell County continue to rally around a family mourning the loss of their oldest son.

The death of Jackson O'Quinn is the result of a tragic accident, but residents and friends tell me it has been encouraging to see how people are coming together in support of his family.

Employees at Simply the Best in Camilla spent their Wednesday afternoon tying camouflage bows.

"Maybe I can't write a big check but I can make a bow," said shop owner Jennifer Atkinson.

Kiley Layton approached the flower shop owner with the idea after seeing the impact 13-year old Jackson O'Quinn had on her 7-year old son.

"My little boy loved him and it's really torn him. And I'm doing what I can," said Layton.

The proceeds all going directly to the family of Jackson O'Quinn.

"That's what our community does when there's a need and it's a blessing to be able to do it," said Atkinson.

Order forms will be sent out for the $12 bows to every student at Baconton Community Charter School, but anyone can buy one through the school's facebook page or directly from Atkinson.

"Call. It doesn't matter how many I have to make, we're going to continue to making bows as long as there is a demand and need," said Atkinson.

Another mother is doing what she can to help Jackson's memory live on as well.

This binder may be empty now, but her hope is that it is one day full of pictures and letters to Jackson.

"I'm hoping that we get lots of pictures because different people have different things and I know there's many that Kacie's never seen," said Katrina Phillips.

Friends and classmates can email those pictures to Phillips.

Her goal is to give the picture book to Jackson's mom in three weeks.

"I was just thinking it would be really great if they could incorporate those as well and get that to her," said Phillips.

Phillips asks that you include your name and how you know Jackson when you send the pictures.

You can email your pictures or letters to Katrina Phillips at . You can buy bows by calling the school at 229-787-9999 or by visiting Simply the Best.

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