Tift County church rebuilds after storm damage

Tift County church rebuilds after storm damage
Pastor Cadwell
Pastor Cadwell

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Progress is being made to repair the Brookfield Baptist Church after it was hit with a tornado during church service three weeks ago.

Workers spent most of the morning replacing shingles on the roof. Pastor Gary Cadwell says things are coming together smoothly since the storm hit.

Cadwell says the congregation is handling things well since the storm hit the church suddenly and tore off the steeple. Since the storm hit three weeks ago the first priority has been getting the roof fixed. "First thing they wanted to do is stop all leaks and cover the top."

Workers cleaned up debris that littered the area behind the church. And the steeple that was blown off. "Probably gonna be replaced with fiberglass. But the length, the width, has got to fit where the old steeple was," said the pastor.

They even lost the church sign which they plan to replace. Pastor Gary Cadwell was here preaching like any other Sunday when what sounded like a freight train hit, and people took cover under the pews.

Despite the experience, Cadwell says people are doing well. "They are coming. They are alter praying. They are hugging. They are thanking God that there were no injuries."

Cadwell says although it was very serious, no one was injured, and they are thankful for that.

He even jokes he got to finish the sermon that was interrupted when the storm hit that Sunday. "I finished it the following Sunday had an alter full of people and I thank the Lord for it."

A National Weather Service team from  Tallahassee confirmed that two tornadoes touched the ground in Tift County that day bringing winds of about 100 miles per hour.

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