Lineberger brothers make ABAC home

Lineberger brothers make ABAC home

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Four ABAC students have something special in common, and it's getting them some attention on campus.

Meet the Lineberger brothers, Hunter, Ben, Luke and Tal are four surviving quintuplets. Their older brother Zach died at birth.

They were born March 6th, 1995 and are from Perry, Georgia. Their mother died in 2008, from heart-related problems.

Tal was attending Valdosta State, but recently transferred to ABAC and is going to college with the rest of his brothers.

"I decided to pursue a career in Ag education; It wasn't my choice at first. And then my three brothers are here also. Gave me a good excuse to come. Someone had to keep them straight."

Three of them have a class together. While the brothers have different interests and majors, they do like to go hunting and fishing together.

And they all have the same favorite food: poppy seed chicken.

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