Football returns to Civic Center

Football returns to Civic Center

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An agreement has been signed with "X-League" to bring arena football back to Albany. Exciting times for those who enjoyed watching arena football here at the civic center.

Over the next year promoters will be busy marketing the new team. You can even help pick out the team's name.

Just the mention of arena football gets folks excited in Albany.

"I love football, I love football." Wallace Culbreth was a big fan of the Albany Panthers and attended their football games religiously. "All the time. We were there most of the time."

He says families need something to do and the games are fun and intense to watch. "It's a lot different from what you would see on the regular football field, but hey it's nice."

Pearl Brown never attended a game here in Albany, but she's heard a lot about it and can't wait to watch. "I would love for football to come back to Albany."

She even submitted ideas for the team's name. "I thought the Albany Alligators, because we have so many alligators here."

But others say keep the same name as before. "Stick with what you got, what everybody already used to."

Organizers signed the agreement with X-League at the end of December. This next year will be busy with promotions, concerts, and parties.

"We want to make this city cool, and what it can be. So that's why we are here, to bring something back that the people here really love."

And with the possibility of attracting a crowd of five to seven thousand people could mean a big economic impact for Albany.

"We anticipated seven homes games for the season, you know that's over seven million dollars that could be driven into the local economy and downtown, which is the big push right now."

Residents say it's a positive activity to keep youth off the streets. "Families can have stuff that they can go do and keep the youth out of trouble."

And when the time comes Culbreth says he and his wife be there just like before. "Right there if they have some tickets."

They're working on setting up a coaching staff right now.

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