Georgia Cotton Commission wants to help farmers

Georgia Cotton Commission wants to help farmers

DOERUN, GA (WALB) - Cotton farmers are coping with a drop in prices this year, the lowest they've been in 7 years.

Farmer and Georgia Cotton Commission board member Bart Davis says cotton prices have come down dramatically in recent years.

"It's just around 60 cents right now and it's going to be hard to make that cash flow," said Davis.

With prices that low, high production costs make it more difficult to make profit. Davis says it's especially hard to make an income with other crop prices down, as well. "Normally one crop may be at a profitable level and the other one ain't and you can sort of switch the makers to the highest one, but right now, ain't nothing looking good," he added.

With more than 3,000 cotton farmers in the state, the Georgia Cotton Commission is wanting to reach out to the farmers to teach them about the future of the crop and how to deal with the low prices. They're hosting their 8th annual meeting January 28th at UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.

"We want to show off this research and show what they're getting for their money," said Chris Chammoun, Georgia Cotton Commission.

Farmers will have the opportunity to see the latest technology and practices for production. The annual meeting is held in conjunction with the UGA Cotton Production Workshop conducted by the Research and Extension Cotton Team.

Farmers will hear from expert speakers, like Ronnie Lee, President of Southern Cotton Growers and Mark Messura, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing of Cotton Incorporated. John Maguire, Senior Vice President of the National Cotton Council will also be a featured speaker.

A lunch will also be provided. There is no charge for anyone interested in the cotton industry to attend. If you would like more information about how to register and the event, click HERE or HERE.

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