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ASU hazing investigation continues

ASU Student Charles Chambers-Durrah ASU Student Charles Chambers-Durrah
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Here's an update on hazing allegations at Albany State University we reported last week. A student quoted in the Albany Police report says his mentoring organization and university officials are working on the problems.

Charles Chambers Durrah told us he did not report allegations to Albany Police, just answered their questions. But the police report says he made the allegations. He claims statements attributed to him in the report are inaccurate.

The report says Chambers-Durrah told officers students were forced to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol during ASU Collegiate 100 meetings off campus.

Today, he said university leaders advised him not to talk to us about the investigation, but he did say ASU officials are helping.

"They have really supported me. Some of my brothers in the organization, they have really supported me as well, in making sure that they know what the Collegiate 100 chapter at Albany State is about," said ASU Student Charles Chambers-Durrah.

Chambers-Durrah claims he never used the word "demoralizing" to describe physical tasks like push-ups and sit-ups and wanted to set the record straight.

Albany Police and University officials continue their investigation of hazing allegations.

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