Video shows gunman shoot Cordele store clerk

Video shows gunman shoot Cordele store clerk

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Jay Patel is out of the hospital and is recovering after being shot during a robbery. His boss wants thieves to know that the money is not worth risking lives, and he's asking for everyone's help to stop recent crimes.

Three men run into Yours Supermarket Friday night, and less than thirty seconds later, run out, empty handed.

Owner Dennis Barot wants them in jail. "Those guys need to get hard punishment so other people will know that for few dollars, you can't do the gun shooting, you can't take someone's life," said Barot.

And these three men almost did that. A shot is fired right as a clerk reaches for his gun. One bullet hits the clerk's arm. A second pierces the counter as the robbers sprint out of the store.

"Why put yourself in trouble? With that small money, you can work one or two days somewhere and make that money," said Barot.

Still, his workers will continue to show up for work.

Barot says his employees have families to provide for too. "Of course they're scared. But still, they're to live life too. They're to do the job. They live here in Cordele. And they're coming back to the job."

The robbery is the latest in a recent string in Cordele dating back to last year.

Barot says it's everyone's responsibility to step up and stop them. "Everyone has to work together--  police department, district attorney, news channels, church. Everyone has to help each other."

He insists his place is safe, secure with cameras and right at a major intersection. He'll also keep a gun nearby, so his employees know they're safe.

Two men are in custody being questioned about this robbery, but no one has been charged.

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