Technology helps the blind

Technology helps the blind
Mirranda Williams, President
Mirranda Williams, President
Debbie McDonald, Public Relations/ Social Media Specialist
Debbie McDonald, Public Relations/ Social Media Specialist

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Technology is key to helping the blind in everyday life. This weekend members of the National Federation of the Blind met to share their technology.

Members of a South Georgia support group for the blind aren't letting their lack of vision hold them back from living an independent life.

"We're helping people that are blind and low vision understand that blindness is just a characteristic of themselves it's not all of them," said Mirranda Williams

Members brought their gadgets like this portable scanner which scans documents to a computer and reads them out loud or this "ibill" that helps the blind identify money.

" When we pay for something in cash, we're able to give correct change or give correct money," said Mirranda Williams

Max Parker brought his "to-go" bible

"Just flip the scriptures to where he's reading from and it reads it to you," said Max Parker, member.

Debbie McDonald brought her talking blood pressure kit and talking prescription device.

"It reads the the medicine, the dose, and expiration date," said Debbie McDonald, Public Relations.

Mirranda Williams said technology for the blind can cost thousands of dollars due to supply and demand. 

" Because blindness, we are maybe about five percent of the population the cost of our technology is at a low demand," said Mirranda Williams

The organization also provides free white canes, which are essential to a blind person's mobility.

"It's very essential for them to have their own independence to travel and go shopping by themselves," said Debbie McDonald.

The organization meets the third Saturday of each month at 1721 E. Oglethorpe Blvd from 1:30 to 3:30. The National Federation of the Blind is currently looking for sponsors to help host their summer camp for blind youth at Westtown Elementary.  You can be a sponsor by emailing Mirranda Williams at or

This year's National Convention is being held in Orlando, FL from July 5-10. Find out more information by clicking here

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