Albany man who saved three-year-old from burning home speaks out

Albany man who saved three-year-old from burning home speaks out
Battalion Chief Clarence Haynes, Albany Fire Department
Battalion Chief Clarence Haynes, Albany Fire Department

An Albany man saves a three-year-old boy from a burning home. Fire officials say it started when a 15-year-old left food on the stove.

Marc Sims is being hailed a hero for saving a three-year-old boy from this burning home on South Riverview Circle Saturday afternoon.

"We thought he was in the bedroom, so we thought we had lost him," said Sims.

"It was heavy flames showing from the rear of the house," said Battalion Chief Clarence Haynes.

Fire officials say a 15-year-old was inside cooking, and home alone with his one and three-year-old brothers. Their Aunt, who was supervising them, was down the street.

"He said that he heard the one year old crying went to see about him and undoubtedly he was gone too long and when he returned to the kitchen, the kitchen was on fire," said Chief Haynes.

That's when the 15-year-old went next door to Sims for help. His one year-old brother was with him, but forgot his three-year-old brother was still inside.

"After a while we had called the fire department," said Sims. "We heard a baby and he hollered Oh my God, it's my little brother."

Sims says his next thought was to save the little boy.

"So, his brother peeped in the door and seen him at the door so I looked in the door then I snatched him from around the door, he was unconscious, so we brought him outside and I kept his mouth open," said Sims.

"The people on the scene they were taking care of him and when we got to the victim he was breathing on his own and we administered oxygen to him and kept him comfortable until EMS arrived on the scene," said Haynes.

Fire officials say most of the damage was done to the kitchen. Sims says it's nice to be thought of as a hero.

"It makes me feel good, very good," said Sims.

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