A lifetime of experience leads in Tifton

A lifetime of experience leads in Tifton
Tracy Ingram, Kindergarten Teacher
Tracy Ingram, Kindergarten Teacher

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Eighty year old Abalene Fore has been volunteering in classrooms since raising her sons Mickey and Lamar.

"I started with them as grade mothers," Fore said. "I would go to the room and plan parties and every thing. And tell parents what to bring. And, if they didn't bring it, I had to bring it. But, I enjoyed it because I loved the children.

And that love for children led Fore to volunteer at Len Lastinger Primary School.

Twice a week she comes to read to the kindergarten class that this year includes her great granddaughter, Milly.

"And so, when Milly came along, I was sitting home, doing nothing. I said, I would love to go. So, I called over and asked the school could I come over to the school and help them."

Fore spends one on one time with each student, helping them learn to read.

And the teachers are happy to have her.

"It started out Miss Fore," Kindergarten Teacher Tracy Ingram said. "And pretty quickly, we just gave up and we just call her, "Grand." Because she is grand. And, that's who she is and it works for us."

Grand said it warms her heart to teach the students.

And the teachers welcome her to do so beyond reading.

"She takes part in some of our lessons and she shares with them the additional things she's doing to continue to learn," Ingram said. "So, she sets a tremendous example for life long learning."

Now three generations into volunteering, Fore said she's grateful for the time she gets to spend with her great-grand daughter.

She also hopes she will be an example for others to get involved.

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