Brown case descendant addresses ASU

Brown case descendant addresses ASU

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One of the central figures in the landmark Brown vs Board of Education case spoke at Albany State University Thursday.

Cheryl Brown Henderson spoke at a ceremony honoring Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior.

She was a student in Kansas in 1950, when her father and 12 other parents filed a lawsuit to integrate the public school system.

Henderson says it's important to apply lessons learned during the Civil Rights Movement to the ongoing racial turmoil nationwide.

"It's important every year that we celebrate and commemorate Doctor King's birth and what he stood for and the movement that he led. And especially now with so much going on in the country where people seem to be rolling back civil rights gains. I think it's important for us to revisit that."

Henderson's visit to Albany is part of a nationwide speaking tour to honor Doctor King.

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