Police, family release statements in Lee Co. woman's shooting

Police, family release statements in Lee Co. woman's shooting

The Kingsport, Tennessee Police Department says the investigation into the shooting and suicide that left a Lee County woman in critical condition continues, even though the suspect in this case is dead.

Amber Purifoy is still in ICU in Tennessee.  Purifoy was shot in the head on Friday, while visiting family in Kingsport.

Since being admitted in critical condition, Purifoy has shown signs of improvement.

The statement says the suspect was a co-worker with one of Dylan Ferguson's relatives.  Purifoy and Ferguson are step-siblings.

Here is the statement from Kingsport Police-

Kingsport Police Detectives are continuing their investigation into a shooting at Allandale Falls Apartments that has left Dylan W. Ferguson deceased and his step sister, Amber CheRee Purifoy, still hospitalized with critical injuries.

While the sole suspect in this incident, Marvin McClore, is dead, detectives must continue to thoroughly investigate this incident as if they were preparing for trial. The investigation does not arbitrarily cease with the death of the offender.

The Kingsport Police Department has maintained from the beginning that this was not a random act of violence and that the suspect was known to the victims' family prior to the shooting. It appears that the suspect initially became acquainted with one of the victims' family members through the workplace.

Other family members resided at the apartment with Dylan; however, only he and Amber, who was visiting from out of town, were home at the time of the incident. There was no sign of forced entry, so it is unknown at this time whether the door to the apartment was unlocked or whether Mr. McClore was let into the apartment by one of the victims.

While a very complicated situation, it appears that Mr. McClore had developed animosity toward another member of the victims' household, but carried out his anger on Dylan and Amber. Dylan and Amber appear to be completely innocent and played no role whatsoever in the events that led up to this tragic event.

Releasing further information, particularly concerning Mr. McClore's motive or how he was developed as a suspect, would serve no purpose other than to hamper an ongoing homicide investigation and further victimize a family that has already been devastated with grief.

Here is a statement from Amber Purifoy's family, thanking everyone for their support-

I would like to thank everybody for their love, prayers, and support.

 It has truly been amazing to see all the love and support for Amber Purifoy. It has meant a great deal to Lisa and I. [sic]

Amber is still in critical, but stable condition. They keep telling us with these types of injuries to the brain it takes time. 

We will issue updates as they happen. Again thank you for your support, and please continue to pray!!! 

Daniel and Lisa Griffin

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