Stolen goods peddled on community Facebook pages

Stolen goods peddled on community Facebook pages
Captain Ralph Stuart with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Captain Ralph Stuart with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The Sumter County Sheriff's Office wants you to be smart if you buy items through social media after they arrested a couple accused of selling stolen items on Facebook.

Investigators say if you buy items you know are stolen, you could get in trouble, and meeting up with strangers for a transaction is dangerous.

A Sumter County investigator scrolls through one of many pages they monitor after this couple was arrested for selling stolen items on them for more than three months. Anything from wireless cable modems to otter box cases, even stolen underwear.

"They will be felony charges. We have not completed the investigation. I think we're up to around 30 items," said Captain Ralph Stuart with the Sumter County Sheriff's office.

The arrests have law enforcers asking citizens to be smart and careful about who they're meeting up with.

"They're going to meet those people with a large amount of cash on their person and it sets up perfect scenarios for robberies and assaults," said Stuart.

Although nothing happened in this particular case, purchasers unknowingly bought stolen property and evidence in this ongoing criminal investigation.

Stuart says it should be easy to spot the stolen items. "Look at the value of items that you're purchasing or attempting to purchase online and then look at the value of what they're asking for the item for sale," said Captain Stuart.

Like a brand new Nikon scope marked down 50 percent. Captain Stuart says investigators stay on top of the thieves' trends, and tracking them down on Facebook is one way they will continue to do that.

"We utilize social media a great deal with our investigations whether they are misdemeanor thefts or up to criminal investigations such as homicides," said Captain Stuart.

Or in this case, serious felony charges. If you bought items that you think may be stolen, you're asked to contact the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

Holloway said he is not positive that they used all of the Facebook sites listed below, but since there is no clarification on Albany sites, he listed them all.

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