Sylvester students collect jeans for homeless

Sylvester students collect jeans for homeless

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Worth County Middle School is collecting jeans for the homeless and competing for a chance to win $5,000 for the school.

If they win, the school  receives a $5,000 grant, a concert with The Vamps, and an Aeropostale shirt for each student at WCMS.

The organization says that the homeless population among youth is large and they want to help Aeropstale get jeans for teens in need.

"This is going to kids that don't have any clothes. Because a lot of kids tend to make fun of other kids about not having good clothes and it doesn't put a good look on our school. And this really shows how much we care for our community and the kids that go to Worth County middle school," said 8th grader Abby Thongbai.

The school began the month long drive Monday and have already seen a great response from students.

"It's been really talked about with the friends in my class, because they're really excited about this and they're really wanting to participate," said 6th Grader Kylee Burrell.

Students are asking the community to get involved. The drive is part of a national effort to help those in need.

Jeans donated from Worth County will be locally distributed through Aeropostle.

"It's through Aeropostle, it's their campaign. It's basically, we get a chance to give back to the community by donating jeans and those jeans will be distributed to youth across the United States," said Principal Tiffany Sevier.

The schools who collect the most jeans can win scholarships and prizes.

But in the end all of these students can agree that the best reward is the feeling of giving back.

"It feels good, because it feels like I'm a leader," said 6th Grader Chris McGill.

"It feels really nice to be able to give back to the community because I've been living in Sylvester and this community for a long time and I can't say I've done anything this big, so it makes me feel really good about it," said 8th grader Anna Tipper.

Middle School Parent Involvement Coordinator Jacqueline Johnson said some of these jeans will stay in the community to help youth in Worth County. They are collecting old jeans in all sizes.

Donors can drop jeans at the Sylvester-Worth County Chamber of Commerce and at Worth County Middle School.

For more information call  229-777-8645 or email:

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