SPLOST revenue falling behind in Valdosta

SPLOST revenue falling behind in Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The city of Valdosta isn't getting as much sales tax revenue as city leaders expected.

As of Tuesday, Valdosta's mayor and city council were trying to find areas where they could save money to put toward SPLOST.

The majority of the SPLOST VII revenue is expected to be used to help pay for the city's new wastewater treatment plant."Because of reduction in revenues," explained Valdosta mayor John Gayle, "there's gonna be some projects that we can't complete. And, some of those might have been goals that we set last year that we're having to put off or even put 'em back in this year to try to complete 'em."

As of Tuesday, the city was projecting $12 million less from SPLOST VII revenues than they originally thought.

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