Bishop decries 'black on black crime'

Bishop decries 'black on black crime'
Bishop Williams
Bishop Williams

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany minister says the problem of black on black crime in the community needs to be confronted, and that black leaders need to lead the fight against black criminals.

Bishop Frederick Williams says he knows many people will criticize him, but he calls black on black crime in Albany the elephant in the room no wants to talk about. He says that has to change.

"We've seen this whole area get better. That's why we wanted to be here, so we could help clean the area," Williams said.

And Bishop Frederick Williams wants other black leaders to stand up against black on black crime in Albany.

"The African American community. I think that a lot of our crimes are committed in our neighborhoods, but there is not a lot of people in those neighborhoods combating that."

Five years ago when Williams' sister was murdered in her home by a neighborhood black man, he fought back by starting Stop The Violence organization. He says in those five years he has not seen enough done by blacks to stop black on black crime.

"Not only are street crimes or violent crimes, but even in the professional arena, is stats that says we are the most devisive among ourselves."

So now Williams and Stop The Violence are calling on black ministers and community leaders to take responsibility, and fight back.

"Look at where all of those crimes are being committed. Look who is committing those crime, and deal with the realization."

Bishop Williams urges you to get to know your neighbors, start a crime awareness group, and report criminals to make your community safer.

Bishop Williams says too many blacks in Albany are afraid to make a stand against crime. He urges them to report crime anonymously to any law enforcement entity.

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