Homerville officer arrested on sex charge

HOMERVILLE, GA (WALB) - Homerville Police Officer Santiargo Lopaz King was arrested last Thursday for Sexual Assault by a Law Enforcement Officer, and booked into the Clinch County Jail.

A sexual assault allegation was made against the officer by a Clinch County jail inmate, and the Homerville Police Department asked for help from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The allegations stem from an incident in November 2014 reportedly in which Officer King transported the victim from the Clinch County Jail to another location in Clinch County, Georgia where both voluntarily consented to sexual activity.

The prisoner was then taken back to the Clinch County Jail by Officer King where she was placed back in custody.

GBI says the investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information pertaining to the investigation, is asked to call the GBI Douglas Office at 912-389-4103 or the Homerville Police Department at 912-487-5306.

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