AFD shows off new safety gear

AFD shows off new safety gear
John DenHoed
John DenHoed

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Fire Department started work putting into service their new extended hose and trucks on Monday. The idea is to cover more homes with water from fire hydrants, which could lower insurance rates for many county homes and businesses.

John DenHoed has lived on Mustang Lane in unincorporated Dougherty County for 37 years. He doesn't know where the nearest fire hydrant is, because he knew it was too far to help him in case of fire.

"No, haven't thought about it. Except trying to get out and stay alive," DenHoed said.

But now with these new extended lay fire hoses, and these trucks, DenHoed's home may be in reach for that water help now.

"We think we can pull it off, and we're excited about the opportunity," Fire Chief James Carswell said.

The Four new hose trucks today started to be equipped to go into service. Each will be loaded with 6,000 feet of fire hose, that can be delivered and laid out by these trucks quickly. The five inch hose is 25% lighter than traditional hose, thanks to design help from Albany firefighters.

"We originally had it named the Albany hose, because it was made for Albany Georgia. Since then this hose is sold world wide since it came into production," Municipal Equipment District Representative Bo Edenfield said.

Besides improved fire service, Dougherty County leaders say many homes and businesses will see their fire rating improved dramatically, which could mean lower insurance costs.

"But in the end there should be significant savings if we can get them to go from a 9 to a 2, they should be saving money every year on their fire insurance rates," Carswell said.

DenHoed said it sounds like a great idea. "If the response would be a little bit quicker and if they can get the longer hoses to the point where they can reach your house, it will be super."

It's a plan Albany Firefighters have been planning for nearly six years, and today the trucks and hose are finally in place.

The firefighters have to get the trucks set up and train with the new equipment. They hope to have it in service by March.

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