Deal begins second term

Deal begins second term

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Nathan Deal's second term as Georgia's governor is officially underway.

But the Governor's inauguration didn't go quite as planned. It was foggy in Atlanta, and the governor wanted to unveil the Liberty Plaza, a public park right across from the capitol, during his inauguration this afternoon, but just as it did four years ago, bad weather forced the ceremony inside.

The ceremony was scaled back a bit, but the Governor's inauguration was still on the minds of Georgians this afternoon.

Deal was sworn in inside a packed House chamber. “Today we stand under the watchful eye of history,” he said in his speech.

In his address Deal said today was an inauguration of a new mandate to address the needs of Georgians.

“What we do as elected officials under this iconic gold dome directly affects the lives of all Georgians, and our duty is to seek policies that will allow every citizen to realize their full potential.”

The Governor highlighted successes of his first term, expanding charter schools, fighting for job creation, and reforming the state's justice and prison systems.

“Our prisons have always been schools. In the past, inmates have learned how to become better criminals. Now they are taking steps to earn diplomas and gain job skills.”

The other statewide elected officials also took their oaths today. The only one from our area, former Irwin County educator and new State School Superintendent Richard Woods.

There was a lot of talk over the last year or so about Georgia's changing demographics and a resurgence of the democratic party, but today Republicans still have wide majorities in both houses of the General Assembly and they still hold every statewide elected office.

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