Folks wear blue to support law enforcement

Folks wear blue to support law enforcement
Chief Moore
Chief Moore
Deputy Lisa House
Deputy Lisa House

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's a national movement to show appreciation for people who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, and agencies are pleased to see this.

Leesburg Police Chief Charles Moore has been in law enforcement nearly 40 years, and like many he didn't get into this field for recognition.

"You do it because you care about people. You're not in it for the glory, you're not in it for the pay," said Chief Moore.

But today, agencies across the country are being recognized on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

"I think it's great because you have men and women out here that put their lives on the line all the time just to protect the citizens and businesses," Moore said.

Citizens were asked to wear blue today and businesses are displaying appreciation on signs.

"It makes you feel real appreciated because we have officers everyday that risk their lives out there on the streets, trying to make it better for the community. And I'm glad that somebody finally recognized us enough to make us feel appreciated," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputy Lisa House.

Even just a kind word makes a difference.

"I was in the store yesterday and I had a lady stop and tell me she appreciated what I did, just a stranger. And it made me feel good knowing someone appreciates all the work that we do," Moore said.

This movement is in light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement after deadly incidents in Ferguson and New York City.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says that puts stress on every agency.

"We've worked hard and aggressive and very diligent behind the scenes trying to prevent that from happening. From training within our own organizations, to working with citizens in the community."

Chief Moore and Sheriff Sproul say they're thankful for today, and for communities that give them support throughout the year.

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