Freezing temps keep plumbers, firefighters busy

Freezing temps keep plumbers, firefighters busy

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Freezing temperatures are keeping plumbers busy with frozen pipes and others that broke.

Plumber Jerry Griffin worked on a pipe at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Albany on Friday, so that guests can enjoy the pool when the temperatures rise.

"We come out and check a water line that was busted, got out and found that they had a busted cut off valve, so we come out and replace their busted cut off valve for their pool area," said Griffin.

Meanwhile, Albany firefighters have been busy putting out house fires.

"We've had a number of structure fires," said Chief Sebon Burns with the Albany Fire Department. "You have vacant houses where you have vagrants living [and] trying to keep warm, and that creates a fire hazard right there."

Plumbers say it's best to have a stream of water running from faucets at night, instead of dripping.

Talmadge Sizemore, who owns Sizemore Heating and Plumbing, described what was needed as a steady little stream.

"Open up your cabinet doors," Sizemore added. "Let the heat move into them. That'll help."

Plumbers and firefighters say insulation is key to keeping pipes and fire sprinkler lines from bursting.

"Once they freeze and thaw out, that's when we get the most of our calls because that sets off the sprinkler system," said Burns.

Sizemore suggests covering pipes with anything available.

"Throw a blanket over it. Put anything to cover it- newspaper, cardboard, whatever you can come up with. Cover the pipes."

Plumbers also say it's important to monitor the temperature and to call them for any problems you aren't able to fix.

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